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Journeyman Electrician

Salary: $25.00 Hourly

Required experience in residential and commercial electrical systems and trouble-shooting and performing service repairs. Requirements be able to perform the physical duties of the job. Will estimate, bid, and work on both residential and commercial projects in the Livingston area and surrounding communities. Wage is $25.00 per hour to start. Position can pay higher hourly rate depending on experience.

You’re Montana licensed. A Montana Journeyman Electrician license is required. You may already have Montana state licensure, and if so that’s great. If you reside outside of Montana, you should be familiar enough with state licensure regulations that you can obtain your Montana license quickly.

You have a clean driving record. Travel to and from work sites is provided in company work trucks and vehicles. You should be comfortable driving in Montana, and a clean driving record is required.

You’re reliable and honest. Come heck or high water we keep the promises that we make, and we are looking for individuals who hold themselves to the same high standards. The little things are important such as showing up to work when it’s a beautiful powder day, but more often it means treating others the way you expect to be treated. Simple? Sure it is. Always easy? Nope.

You pride yourself on attention to detail. As a Journeyman Electrician we don’t (or at least we shouldn’t) need to tell you that the details really do matter. You’re meticulous, thorough and proud of your work. You enjoy seeing customers happy and you strive for the recommendations that are sure to come. You take safety seriously and see it as more than just another rule to follow.

You love doing things efficiently and independently. At Big Bear Electric the work that you do, will have a disproportionate impact on the business. We believe that trusting in and empowering our employees is the best way to ensure that the work each individual does contribute massively to the whole. At most job locations you’ll be primarily working in small project teams surrounded by other contractors, interior designers and architects who are also integral to the success of that building project. With this in mind, you should enjoy and be able to work on a job site with minimal supervision and be able to report back on the progress and status of the job at regular intervals.

Things You Might Do

  • Work on commercial and high-end residential new construction projects to complete electrical wiring, electrical systems installation and fixtures installation.
  • Work on federal building projects.
  • Work on real estate development projects performing site lighting and utilities installation.
  • Perform LED lighting retro-fits for commercial and residential projects.
  • Provide service calls to existing residential and commercial clients.
  • Work on commercial and residential remodeling projects.
  • Perform electrical maintenance and programming.
  • Complete administrative work related to your projects including the tracking of materials and completion of billing forms.